Enlivening English II/Pre-AP English II

Mrs. Bozeman's Sophomore English Classes

Week of May 5, 2014

Objective(s): TLW answer scavenger hunt questions. TLW read a novel. TLW participate in oral discussion of a novel. TLW will write a blog post. TLW take a novel quiz or test.
TEKS: 1-vocab development (all sections); 5A, B, C & D-fiction reading; 7-literary allusion;
ELPS/CCRS: CCRS: Reading II. B.3 use reference guides;, B.1-vocabulary; Writing I.A-author’s purpose, Writing A.5-editing skills; V. Research ELPS: Writing – 5. A-G skills
Instructional Materials Novels, handouts, graphic organizers; tests, quizzes
Instructional Strategies
Monday Pre-AP: Quiz #2 on HOMS–to page 64. Present interviews.
Periods 2-4-6-7: Handout/practice on pronouns and antecedents. Ender’s Game, read to end of Ch. 9./Elaboration exercise. Describe an item you own.
Tuesday Pre-AP: Prep work on thematic motif for one pager/Read HOMS
Periods 2-4-6-7: Read Ender’s Game, Ch. 10/Project on designing a motif for a Battle Group-explain
Wednesday Pre-AP: AM classes: Biology EOC
Periods 2-4-6-7: Read Ender’s Game/Ch. 10. Begin reading Ch. 11 also/crossword puzzles for Ender’s Game vocabulary/work on platoon designs
Thursday Pre-AP: Read vignettes in HOMS/Work on thematic motifs charts and one-pager. Assign photo vignette. Students may work on this assignment if time permits.
Periods 2-4-6-7: Ender’s Game Test over Ch. 1-10.
Friday Pre-AP: “Guided Writing” story.
Periods 2-4-6-7: Read Ender’s Game. Questions for chapters 10-11. Begin “Guided Writing” story.
Assessment/Evaluation: quizzes/handouts/oral reading checks; reading response questions/graphic organizers
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