Enlivening English II/Pre-AP English II

Mrs. Bozeman's Sophomore English Classes

Week of April 21, 2014–LAST SIX WEEKS

Objective(s): TLW (The learner will) complete study questions/discussion questions. TLW read a novel. TLW participate in oral discussion of a novel. TLW take a vocabulary test or reading check quiz. TLW interview a fellow student.
TEKS: 1-vocab development (all sections); 5A, B, C & D-fiction reading; 7-literary allusion; symbolism; 15D-multimedia presentation
ELPS/CCRS: CCRS: Reading II. B.3 use reference guides;, B.1-vocabulary; Writing I.A-author’s purpose ELPS: Writing – 5. A-G skills
STAAR Domain(s): All domains
Novels, handouts; quizzes
Instructional Strategies
Monday Pre-AP: Students will complete blueprinting assignment. Quiz #1 for HOMS. Continue reading HOMS. Homework: Prepare for test on literary terms/Dandelion Wine
Periods 2-4-6-7: Ender’s Game, Ch 6-7. Complete scavenger hunt handout for chapter. Exercise on Misplaced/Dangling Modifiers. Complete for homework.
Tuesday Pre-AP: Test on literary terms, D. Wine. Freewrite #1: Adolescents can be astute observers of their neighbors/neighborhoods. Interview a member of the class. Homework: Name project. 
Periods 2-4-6-7: Ender’s Games, read Ch. 6-7. Finish scavenger hunt. Chart of questions on Ch. 6-7.
Wednesday Pre-AP: Write about your most honored possession that you wouldn’t want to show up in a junk shop. “Gil’s Furniture” chapter in HOMS. Finish interviews. Begin writing up for presentation on Friday.
Periods 2-4-6-7: SSR of novel to Ch. 8. Study questions for Ch. 8.
Thursday Pre-AP: Present projects on names. Read HOMS. Using sticky notes, students should continue tracking their selected thematic motif. Homework: Throwback Thursday: My BFF. Write about your best friend. Consider adding photos. Blog post this entry. (due on Friday, May 2)
Periods 2-4-6-7: Student will complete study questions for Ender’s Game. Turn in at end of class. Test on Misplaced Modifiers (tentative)
Friday Pre-AP: Present interviews orally. Finish presenting projects on names.
Periods 2-4-6-7: Ender’s Game. Characters Caught in a Web handout/Lessons Learned. Complete in small groups.
Assessment/Evaluation: quizzes/handouts/oral reading checks; reading response questions/graphic organizers
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