Enlivening English II/Pre-AP English II

Mrs. Bozeman's Sophomore English Classes

Week of April 14, 2014

Objective(s): TLW read a novella or novel. TLW answer study questions. TLW take a vocabulary quiz. TLW take a reading check quiz. TLW respond to reading with reflective writing. TLW complete a blueprinting assignment.
TEKS: 2 (B); 4-archetypes; 2(C) evaluate figurative language; 5-fiction 5 (A) isolated scenes/contribution to the work; 5(B)- character’s moral dilemmas; 5(C)- connection between narrator/tone of work; 7-sensory language; 15.C-response to literary text; 15.C iii–aesthetic effects of author’s use of stylistic/rhetorical devices.12-C; 25-Listening and Speaking; Reading Skill-RC10A—using text aides
ELPS/CCRS: ELPS: CCRS: Reading II. C.2; C.4; Writing I.A.4–1, 2, ; I.A.5
STAARDomain(s): All domains
Novels/novellas, handouts, notecards, study questions; quizzes, tests
Instructional Strategies
Monday Pre-AP: HOMS-begin novella. Complete pre-reading question handout. Share responses with class. View youtube interview with Sandra Cisneros. Read vignette #1. Discuss handout on thematic motif/EQs
Periods 2-4-6-7: Read Ender’s Game. Chapter 4. Complete “Behind the Words/First Impressions” handout.
Tuesday Pre-AP: HOMS: “Hairs” Anecdote writing. Read the vignette. Complete the mirroring assignment-students will write about an aspect they share with their other family members. Planning sheet for an anecdote. Students will compose a brief vignette about a “hair incident” of their own.  Finish for homework.
Periods 2-4-6-7: Ender’s Game, Chapter 5. Complete questions for “The Launch.” Begin character analysis handout for Ender.
Wednesday Pre-AP: HOMS; “Your Name.” Read essay on nicknames. Students will complete handout on their own nickname and it’s origin. Students will research the meaning of their own names and present this information in an interesting way (powerpoint, poster, etc.)
Periods 2-4-6-7: Ender’s Game; Quiz #1. Read Ender’s Game, Ch. 6. Complete Scavenger Hunt for Ch. 6./Word Search
Thursday Pre-AP: Vocabulary Unit #11 check homework/take quiz. HOMS: “Blueprinting” from NJWPT. Students will draw a “blueprint” of a place they once lived (or their present home). They will record three “stories” that took place on the blueprint using sticky notes.
Periods 2-4-6-7: Ender’s Game. Read Ch. 7.
Friday Pre-AP: Student holiday. Good Friday. He is Risen.
Periods 2-4-6-7: Student holiday. Good Friday. He is Risen.
Assessment/Evaluation: quizzes/handouts/oral reading checks/ reading response questions
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