Enlivening English II/Pre-AP English II

Mrs. Bozeman's Sophomore English Classes

Classroom Policies and Procedures


Students: Please remember that you can only turn in an assignment one day late with a HOMEWORK PASS. Without a pass, homework will not be accepted. If you are absent, please see me ASAP to get your assignments and a due date.  Students receive a day for a day to turn in work when absent.  Zeroes do not go away if work is not turned in–I do not drop the lowest grade for the six weeks. I do not have extra credit for students to do to improve their averages.

I count tardies! Please be in your seat when the bell rings. You should have your folder out and begin copying the day’s assignment and vocabulary word.

English grades are determined as follows:
40%–daily work, homework, quizzes
60%–tests, major papers, projects

Students will have the literature book checked out to them as they register for the year. This book should be at home for students to use when absent or to complete homework assignments.
Novels are generally checked out to individual students. If a student looses a novel, they will be charged for the book.

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