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Week of April 14, 2014


Objective(s): TLW read a novella or novel. TLW answer study questions. TLW take a vocabulary quiz. TLW take a reading check quiz. TLW respond to reading with reflective writing. TLW complete a blueprinting assignment. TEKS: 2 (B); 4-archetypes; 2(C) evaluate figurative language; 5-fiction 5 (A) isolated scenes/contribution to the work; 5(B)- character’s moral dilemmas; 5(C)- […]

Story + Theme


Theme in this “completely made-up story”? The idea is that your personal life experience has taught you something that you’d reveal/use in your story. (IF you look over the RUBRIC as Kelsey has done.) It isn’t to be about you personally, but something you’ve learned–like being honest, being a friend, revenge, etc. If you draw […]

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