Enlivening English II/Pre-AP English II

Mrs. Bozeman's Sophomore English Classes

Week of April 7, 2014

Objective(s): TLW read a novella. TLW answer study questions. TLW create a “completely made-up story.” TLW read a science fiction novel.
TEKS: 1 (B) vocabulary-analyze textual context; 1 (E) use a dictionary to confirm meaning; 2(C) evaluate figurative language; 5-fiction 5 (A) isolated scenes/contribution to the work; 5(B)- character’s moral dilemmas; 5(C)- connection between narrator/tone of work; 7-function of symbolism, allegory, allusions; 14-writing literary texts
ELPS/CCRS: ELPS: CCRS: Reading II. C.2; C.4; Writing I.A.4–1, 2, ; I.A.5
STAARDomain(s): All domains
Novels, handouts, study questions; novellas
Instructional Strategies
Monday Pre-AP: Warm-up: Watch an episode of “The Wonder Years” on youtube. Discuss flashback/nostalgic writing. Section from Dandelion Wine by Bradbury. Students will close read and mark for literary devices: simile, metaphor, thematic motif, symbols, etc.
Periods 2-4-6-7: Ender’s Game-ch. 1. Read orally. Discuss the characters in the story. Distribute questions for Ch. 1/homework.
Tuesday Pre-AP: Complete close reading/marking of Dandelion Wine excerpt. Continue working on literary terms vocabulary cards.
Periods 2-4-6-7: Read Ch. 2 by Wed. Complete “In Context” exercise parts A&B. Vocabulary exercises on synonyms/antonyms from Vocabulary Workshop. Complete exercises. All are due on Friday at the end of class.
Wednesday Pre-AP: Discuss the final markup for Dandelion Wine section. Distribute Vocabulary Exercise #11. Preview words. Prewriting for “A Completely Made-up Story” from page 38 of Bernabei book./Distribute handout for prewriting. Walk students through the sections of the prewriting.
Periods 2-4-6-7: Chapter 2 questions-distribute to students. Answer for homework. Read Ch. 3 orally. Mini-lesson on misplaced modifiers.
Thursday Pre-AP:Plato Lab–write “Completely Made-Up Story”
Periods 2-4-6-7: Six weeks test. Second mini-lesson on misplaced modifiers. Chart on “Monitor the Situation”/students will complete the timeline in groups. Read Ch. 3 (finish if did not in class on Wed.)
Friday Pre-AP: Plato Lab–finish “Completely Made-Up Story.” Print and turn in for grade.
Periods 2-4-6-7: Exercise on misplaced modifiers from Vocabulary Workshop. Finish questions for Ender’s Game through Ch. 3. Read Ch. 4 silently.
Assessment/Evaluation: quizzes/handouts/oral reading checks/ reading response questions
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