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Week of March 31, 2014


Objective(s): TLW complete an expository writing practice exercise. TLW.  TLW read a novel. TLW practice short answer responses TEKS: 2 (B); 4-archetypes; 2.C-figurative language as relates to historical/cultural setting; 5 (B) moral dilemmas in fiction; 13(A) plan a first draft ELPS/CCRS: ELPS: CCRS: Reading II. C.2; C.4; Writing I.A.4–1, 2, ; I.A.5 STAAR Domain(s): All […]

Week of March 23, 2014


Objective(s): TLW (The learner will) answer study questions. TLW complete STAAR practice exercises. TLW write a persuasive paper. TEKS: 16 (A), (B), (C), (D), (E), and (F) All TEKS for persuasive writing ELPS/CCRS: ELPS: (c) 5.E (all parts), (c) 5.C-spelling; (c) 5.F–grade appropriate sentence lengths, etc. CCRS: Writing: All Parts/Objectives TAKS Domain(s): All writing STAAR […]

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